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Aim to increase reliability of conveyor belt motors in a general assembly line by predicting maintenance.

Conveyor Belt

R-PODID project, industrial lighting
R-PODID project, conveyor belt

Industrial lighting with improved predictions on remaining useful lifetime of lighting electronics by using AI enabled GaN power converter modules.

Industrial Lighting

R-PODID project works on four use cases: conveyor belt, industrial lighting, automotive traction inverter, heavy duty testbed.


Automotive fault mitigation with applications for traction inverter of an off-road electric vehicle and online estimation of residual useful lifetime (RUL).

Automotive Traction Inverter

Testbed laboratory.
R-PODID project, automotive traction inverter

Testbed with wide bandgap semiconductor inverters in induction machines for heavy-duty e-axle testbed.

Heavy Duty Testbed

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