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R-PODID Seminar Understanding Perceptive Deep Learning and Generative AI in Automotive Applications

16/04/24, 00:00

The R-PODID project held a trailblazing seminar today titled 'Understanding Perceptive Deep Learning and Generative AI in Automotive Applications' at Aula 7.4, Via Saragozza 8.

The seminar featured an enlightening lecture delivered by esteemed STMicroelectronics Engineer, Dr. Francesco Rundo.

The seminar served as a platform to delve into the forefront of technological innovation, focusing on the intersection of perceptive deep learning, generative AI, and their application in the automotive industry. Dr. Rundo, with his extensive expertise, guided attendees through a comprehensive exploration of various themes, including Perceptive Deep Learning techniques, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Cutting-edge advancements in automotive safety.

Of significant importance was the discussion surrounding the R-PODID project, highlighting its pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of automotive technology. Dr. Rundo elucidated on the project's objectives, methodologies, and the transformative impact of Chips JU funding.

The event concluded with a forward-looking perspective on AI-Based Lifetime Predictor and Power Cycle Test, showcasing the trajectory of innovation in the automotive sector.

The R-PODID seminar underscored the collaborative efforts of academia and industry in driving technological advancement. Attendees left with a deeper appreciation for the potential of perceptive deep learning and generative AI to revolutionise automotive applications.

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